RWE plans to invest £15 billion in renewable energy in the UK by 2030

The Triton Knoll and Sofia offshore wind projects are receiving the majority of the company’s present investment.

By 2030, RWE intends to invest £15 billion in green technology and renewables in the UK. This includes its pledged investments in initiatives that are already under way.

RWE CEO Markus Krebber stated today at the Global Investment Summit in London that the UK is “one of the company’s core markets.”

RWE’s present investments are mostly in offshore wind, with the firm investing about £5 billion on two UK offshore wind farms, Triton Knoll and Sofia, with partners.

Both projects are anticipated to invest 50 percent and 60 percent of their total funds in UK suppliers, respectively.

RWE also plans to “accelerate its deployment of wind power across the UK” during the next decade.

It is building four new offshore wind farms with a total installed capacity of 2.6GW, with RWE’s pro rata share of 1.3GW.

RWE has been selected as the preferred bidder for two new offshore sites on Dogger Bank, with a combined installed capacity of 3GW.

RWE is also working on a new onshore wind portfolio, as well as floating wind projects in Scotland and the Celtic Sea off the coast of south-west Wales.

RWE claims to be investing more than 90% of its capital in environmentally friendly technology including renewable energy and batteries.

“RWE has expertise in delivering sustainable energy and has over 2,600 devoted employees working in our renewables, gas-fired facilities, and commercial supply and trading teams across the UK,” Krebber added.

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“Our employees are completely dedicated to RWE’s sustainability and net-zero targets by 2040.

“We have the scale and knowledge to be a significant partner in helping power the nation, and we are here for the long haul, thanks to our experience investing in pioneering energies throughout the world and ensuring steady and secure energy supply.”