Report on the World Health Organization’s Health and Climate Change Survey for 2021


This study provides a critical picture of governments’ overall accomplishments in the field of health and climate change to date, as well as insight into the work that needs to be done to safeguard their populations from the most harmful health effects of climate change. Every three years, the health and climate change country survey is done, and the national data is given in the health and climate change country profiles, in addition to tracking global developments. The poll in 2021 included 95 nations.

The survey is sent to national health authorities, who, in collaboration with other relevant ministries and stakeholders, provide updated data on key topics such as leadership and governance, national vulnerability and adaptation assessments, emergency preparedness, disease surveillance, adaptation and resilience measures, climate and health finance, and health sector mitigation. Regular updates on important health and climate change indicators give insight into policy and plan implementation, the state of health vulnerability and capacity assessments, and a better understanding of the obstacles to attaining health adaptation and mitigation goals.

The 2021 worldwide survey report was released during the COP26 UN climate conference in November 2021, and it is an update to the 2017/2018 survey.


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