EDF plans to transfer 5 million customers to the Octopus Energy Group’s digital platform

EDF follows in the same footsteps of Good Energy and E.ON, both of which have recently implemented the platform for client accounts.

EDF and Octopus Energy Group have reached an agreement to migrate EDF’s five million customers to the Kraken platform. EDF joins Good Energy and E.ON in migrating its customers to Octopus Energy Group’s technology platform.

It’s a digital energy platform that links the whole energy supply chain, from renewable energy generation to customer support and invoicing.

EDF’s customer accounts in the UK will be managed by Kraken, which will also expand its home heating and electric vehicle (EV) offerings.

From 2023 forward, customer accounts will be moved to Kraken, giving the platform global responsibility for 20 million clients.

“We’re dedicated to manage a robust, sustainable, and varied retail company that can give a fantastic experience to our staff and customers,” Philippe Commaret, EDF’s Managing Director for Customers, stated.

“While our present systems continue to serve us well, Kraken’s dynamic platform will develop alongside us, swiftly responding to the fast changes in the energy business as we speed action to combat climate change.”

“For our clients, this investment will enable us to provide our excellent services even more effectively to an even larger number of consumers, demonstrating to them that we are not going anywhere.” We’re in it for the long haul, assisting the United Kingdom in achieving net zero emissions.”

“We built Kraken to make it easier and cheaper for energy firms to supply green energy and improved customer care, while also keeping it quick and easy to use by the team,” said Greg Jackson, founder of Octopus Energy Group.

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“Customers have always been a top priority for EDF, and now the outstanding service they’ve received can be enhanced with efficient and innovative energy technologies and a broader offering that truly propels the renewable energy revolution.”