Sungrow Floating PV Collaborates with US Floating Solar

Sungrow Floating PV, the first supplier of gigawatt-scale floating PV systems, has appointed US Floating Solar, LLC as its North American Agent for its floating solar products.

As of June 2021, Sungrow FPV had shipped 1.4 gigatonnes of floating solar systems throughout the world in a variety of application scenarios, including hydropower facilities, severe cold region locations, drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, water treatment plants, and big water depth dams.

Sungrow FPV can handle any size solar module, including new bigger format modules; the floating mounting system comes in a variety of tilt angles (5-20 degrees); and the system’s buoyancy adapts to satisfy snow load requirements in different areas.

Sungrow FPV is a completely owned subsidiary of Sungrow Group with 24 years of R&D and manufacturing expertise in the PV sector. For their floating body mounting system, anchor system, inverter & booster floating platform, and system O&M, their R&D team has applied for over 100 patents.

“US Floating Solar is thrilled to collaborate with Sungrow FPV in establishing the US floating solar industry for utilities, EPCs, asset owners, and developers,” said Richard Heller, Managing Partner.

Sungrow FPV is a market leader in floating photovoltaic (FPV) technological standards. DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider, awarded Sungrow FPV a Statement of Conformity for inland water and coastal locations for their anchoring and mooring design approach for Floating PV systems.

The Statement of Conformity is the first of its type to reference the DNVGL-RP-0584, Recommended Practice for the Design, Development, and Operation of Floating Solar Photovoltaic Systems.

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Sungrow FPV successes have positioned it as the top floating solar provider, with leading industry knowledge, competence, and proven outcomes. Sungrow FPV’s objective is to be the most dependable and efficient FPV system and solution provider in the United States.