With 100% traceable renewable energy, Scottish Wind Powers COP26

All three COP26 permanent locations on the banks of the River Clyde in Glasgow are powered by SSE Energy Solutions. Because renewable energy can be traced directly to individual wind farms run by SSE Renewables, the business was able to establish the exact source of the summit’s power supply.

The Scottish Event Campus (SEC) has five linked exposition halls, a 3,000-seat auditorium, and a 14,300-seat arena. As part of its long-term sustainability goal, the campus switched to 100 percent green energy in 2020.

“Businesses are increasingly looking at methods to decrease their carbon impact,” said Nikki Flanders, Managing Director of Energy Customer Solutions. Companies may be certain that they are using as clean an energy source as possible because of the traceability and transparency of where our energy originates from. They may be assured when communicating with investors, workers, and consumers since SSE Green Electricity is linked to a particular renewable asset.

“It’s natural that The SEC has opted to be powered by clean Scottish wind while the world gathers at COP26 to unify against climate change.”

“As main partners at COP26, we recognize the need of strong leadership and ambition in the drive to net zero.” When the world’s eyes are on Scotland, it’s excellent to see The SEC lead the way in picking renewable energy options.”

The SEC’s commitment to traceable, renewable energy reflects a rising desire among businesses to know where their energy originates from. Many companies are aligning themselves with COP26 aims to combat climate change by adopting aggressive sustainability targets in response to growing pressure from shareholders, consumers, and employees.

“We’ve been dedicated to adopting 100 percent green power for our venues for some time now,” Billy McFadyen, Director of Finance and Development at The SEC, said. “This outlines our clear intentions regarding our climate change aspirations during the length of COP26 and beyond.”

“SSE is doing an excellent job of delivering energy solutions and infrastructure to enable businesses like ours decarbonize.” We’ve been collaborating with them for several years to guarantee that our energy comes from renewable sources, and they’re helping us with our long-term sustainability plan.”

SSE does not provide electricity to the temporary buildings built for COP26.

SSE is the largest renewable energy generator in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It has 52 hydropower plants and 42 wind farms, with additional 7GW of on- and off-shore wind generation in the works.

SSE Energy Solutions has already provided 100% renewable power to over 70,000 consumers. When compared to the same electricity provided by fossil fuels, this has resulted in nearly six million tonnes less carbon in the atmosphere over the last five years.