Siemens Gamesa is recognized as a pioneer in climate change transparency

For the third year in a row, the international nonprofit organization CDP gave Siemens Gamesa a ‘A’ rating for our leadership in environmental transparency on climate change. The evaluation was based on CDP’s comparison of Siemens Gamesa to more than 15,000 other firms.

The CDP is one of the most important standards for the environmental transparency of corporations, and it awards a score ranging from A to D to businesses based on their best practices associated with setting ambitious and meaningful targets related to the environment, as well as their disclosure, awareness, and management of environmental risks and demonstration of best practices.

Siemens Gamesa has made a commitment, as part of our Sustainability Vision, to go the additional mile and become climate positive; to produce a turbine that is 100% recyclable; and to strive toward decarbonizing our supply chain by no later than 2040.

Our actions speak louder than words and pave the way toward a net-zero and circular future. This is in full alignment with the statements made by Dexter Galvin, Global Director of Corporations and Supply Chains at CDP, who stated that “the need for transformational, urgent, and collaborative change is more critical than ever.”

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