Greencells has secured two big contracts in Poland, totaling 195 MWp in capacity

Greencells, a global developer and EPC service provider for utility-scale solar power facilities, is making headway in the rapidly growing Eastern European photovoltaic industry. Despite the fact that the firm only started its own branch in Poland in June of this year, it has already acquired two large deals. Greencells will build one of the country’s largest solar power facilities in the southeast, with a capacity of 125 MWp. The capacity of the second project in the northwest will be 70 MWp. Construction is expected to begin in 2023. Other projects with a combined capacity of roughly 180 MWp are also nearing completion.

Greencells Poland’s General Manager, Krzysztof Romanowski: “Within a few months, we were able to uncover a number of really appealing prospects. Greencells’ excellent international reputation as a trusted partner is demonstrated by the fact that we have already won the rights to two significant projects. These projects will assist Poland’s renewable energy sector grow by constructing state-of-the-art, high-efficiency solar parks that will give long-term economic advantages to regions and communities.”

The Polish solar market is regarded as one of Europe’s most promising for renewable energy development. In 2020, new capacity added grew from 0.8 GWp to 2.2 GWp, placing it fourth in Europe after Germany (4.8 GWp), the Netherlands (2.8 GW), and Spain (2.2 GW) (2.6 GW). PV capacity is expected to rise at a rate of 35% per year in the future, reaching 8.3 GW in 2024.

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