E-MOBILITY: A link between the worlds of new energy and mobility

The role of e-mobility in the new energy world, charging infrastructure as the intersection of mobility and power grids, and perspectives on the Vehicle2Grid concept are just a few of the topics that will be discussed at the Power2Drive Forum, which will take place from October 6–8 at the Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021 exhibition in Munich. The following are the main stakeholders in the energy transition in the transportation industry who will be in attendance: The newest advancements and business concepts will be presented by manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and start-ups. Attendees of the Power2Drive Forum will get the opportunity to meet important industry figures in person.

E-mobility and the new energy world feed off one another, resulting in even more innovation. This benefits both the German economy and long-term mobility. Speakers at the Power2Drive Forum will discuss a variety of topics. This comprises top-tier industry experts, some from German and European e-mobility organisations like the German Federal Association for eMobility (BEM) and The European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), who investigate emerging mobility trends and their connections to the energy sector. Companies like ChargePoint, Polestar, and Webasto will also talk on subjects including climate-neutral production and smart charging solutions for a more dependable and efficient grid. The session “Electric Vehicles in the New Energy World” will include Parkstrom and Netze BW, among others. At the session “Key of the Mobility Transition: E-fleet Management,” The Mobility House, GP JOULE, and Siemens will also talk. The exhibition forum takes on the character of a conference with expert talks like these, with an emphasis on training, idea exchange, and networking.

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An emphasis on infrastructure for charging

The Power2Drive Forum is also focused on charging infrastructure as a critical nexus between mobility and energy. The need for charging infrastructure and high-speed charging stations is rising as more electric vehicles with larger batteries and longer ranges become available. What specific solutions are available? What is the required density of charging stations in Europe? Is high-power charging (HPC) merely a fad, or is slow charging the more long-term solution? Find out the answers to these questions during the AVERE, CharIn (Charging Interface Initiative), and NewMotion presentation “Fast Charging vs. Slow Charging.” Innovative charging concepts, smart charging features, flat-rate charging across Europe, and the option to pay with your phone – these are just a few of the benefits. During the session “Charging Infrastructure Master Plan: Technology and Trends,” Martin Schurig, Head of Financial & Enabling Services, Telefonica Germany, will offer a wide overview.

Vehicle2Grid: Different Points of View

Electric cars should be regarded an essential component of the energy system in order to take benefit of all the mobility and transportation industries have to offer. High-performance electric car batteries may be utilized not only as energy storage for automobiles, but also as power grid building blocks. For the energy transition, electric cars provide dispersed storage capacity. Vehicle2Grid (V2G), Vehicle2Home (V2H), and Vehicle2Work solutions are among the foundations. Despite the fact that technology is improving, there are still unresolved questions: What are the best ways to incorporate electric vehicles and charging facilities into grid operations? What changes in terms of technical and financial needs may be expected? What’s going on in the cyber security world?

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Martin Roemheld, Head of E-Mobility Services at Volkswagen, Christopher Burghardt, Managing Director for Europe at ChargePoint, and Marcus Fendt, Managing Director of The Mobility House, will discuss how the auto industry, the energy sector, and policymakers can work together for the success of bidirectional charging under the motto “Vehicle2Grid as Game Changer of the New Mobility World.” Dr. Rüdiger Freimann, Erwin Hymer Group’s Head of Research and Development, will contribute to this by talking about how V2G may help modernize the campervan manufacturer’s caravans. Volkswagen, for example, has stated that it would develop V2G capabilities for electric vehicles. V2G technology is viewed as the next big step toward sustainable mobility: it can help decarbonize the transportation sector, perform load control, better integrate renewable energy, and provide new revenue streams for utility companies and electric vehicle owners.

At Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021, there will be on-site industry networking

Power2Drive Europe Restart 2021, which will be co-located with the Power2Drive Forum at Messe München from October 6–8, will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, learn about product innovation, network, and navigate the dynamic e-mobility market, with contributions in both English and German. Charging solutions, electric cars, and mobility services will all be on display during the show. Manufacturers, suppliers, installers, fleet and energy managers, distributors, and start-ups will all be able to meet and network with one other. Furthermore, the exhibition represents the intelligent integration of electric mobility in a renewable energy system since it is held in conjunction with the energy exhibits Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, and EM-Power Europe as part of the innovation hub The smarter E Europe. The event’s main goal is to show how renewable energy, decentralization, and digitization can be used to effectively integrate the power, heat, and transportation sectors. The event will be staged on a reduced scale this year due to the coronavirus epidemic. From October 6–8, Messe München will host the innovation center The smarter E Europe Europe Restart 2021. Your ticket enables you to take part in the exhibition forums’ activities, which include eCar test drives and parallel displays.

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Power2Drive Europe’s Background

The worldwide exposition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility is Power2Drive Europe. Power2Drive Europe is the ideal meeting spot for manufacturers, suppliers, installers, fleet and energy managers, distributors, and start-ups, with the slogan “Charging the Future of Mobility!” Innovative solutions for sustainable transportation and ways to integrate them into the electrical grid are the focus of the show. The connection between renewable energies, storage technologies, and novel transportation concepts benefits both exhibitors and visitors. Power2Drive Europe examines current worldwide market trends, highlights e-potential, mobility’s and represents the global integration of electric cars with a sustainable energy source. Meet new clients, reconnect with old ones, and build new business ties with important decision makers in the industry.

The smarter E Europe – the continent’s largest platform for the energy business – includes Power2Drive Europe. Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, and EM-Power Europe will all be taking place at the same time. Solar Promotion GmbH and Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG are putting up Power2Drive Europe.