Chariot collaborates with Total Eren on the development of wind and solar projects for African mining companies

Chariot, a transitional energy firm focusing on Africa, has signed the essential agreements of a long-term cooperative development relationship with Total Eren, a renewable energy Independent Power Producer located in France. The agreed conditions will govern the Partners’ partnership beginning on January 1, 2022, for the joint origination and development of wind and solar projects for mining clients in Africa.

“Total Eren is very delighted to establish a strategic cooperation with Chariot,” stated Fabienne Demol, Executive Vice-President & Global Head of Business Development at Total Eren. We continue to think that our expertise as a worldwide renewable IPP and our strategic alliance with TotalEnergies, together with Chariot’s experienced staff and broad reach into the African mining industry, will offer further value to our collaboration. We are united in our determination to meet the energy demands of African mining firms, and we will work on further renewable energy projects in Africa.”

Chariot will have the option to invest between 15% – 49% of the proceeds from the co-developed projects. The Partners also hope to work together on non-mining energy projects and transactions throughout Africa.

“I am extremely delighted to announce that Chariot is cooperating with Total Eren, a major and skilled player in the renewable energy business,” stated Adonis Pouroulis, Acting CEO of Chariot. This collaboration aims to supply clean, sustainable, and competitive electricity to Africa’s working mines. A big, mainly unexplored market in which Chariot’s management has a profound understanding and high-level commercial networks, and we look forward to unveiling our greatly advanced initiatives when the time comes.”

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