With “great hopes” for the incoming government in Germany’s renewables industry

Industry groups representing the renewable energy sector have put up a set of recommendations to the next federal administration in order to expedite the growth of green energy sources. As the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) said, “from an energy and climate policy standpoint, expectations are currently high for the incoming administration to go forward bold steps for faster climate action based on renewable energies.”

For the government’s first 100 days, BEE presented a list of measures, which included aligning the expansion of renewable energies with the new climate targets, making sufficient land available for renewable energy expansion, adapting “market-based instruments” to reduce CO2 emissions, and removing barriers to investment and market development. On the other hand, the Business Network for Renewable Energy (BNE) issued a 35-point strategy to increase photovoltaics and power purchase agreements (PPAs) in order to enable subsidy-free solar installations. As stated by the BNE, “the proliferation of photovoltaics on an obvious double-digit gigawatt scale each year is both feasible and needed for a successful energy transition.”

As a result of the continued downturn in the commercial rooftop solar segment, the German Solar Association (BSW Solar) has also called for a “quick removal of market obstacles.” All of the political parties that might possibly form the next government had made the growth of renewable energy sources a central priority in their election campaigns, including the Green Party.

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