The Integration of Heliox and The Mobility House Advances Charge Management for Electric Fleets

Heliox’s latest smart chargers will be integrated with The Mobility House’s Charging and Energy management solution ChargePilot, which intelligently optimizes charging schedules at the lowest utility electricity rate, to provide a coordinated charge management solution for large-scale e-bus installations.

The Mobility House’s Charging and Energy Management system with Heliox’s smart chargers form a coordinated offering for electric bus fleet operators. (Business Wire photo)

Fleets using Heliox quick chargers may reduce charging energy costs by dynamically allocating available grid power and avoiding costly load peaks with The Mobility House’s charging management system. In addition, the integration gives a comprehensive view of all charging processes. The integrated technology was recently used to electrify the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot in Maryland, a first-of-its-kind electrification project with over 44 electric transit vehicles.

“As their e-fleet expands, Heliox is committed to assisting our transit and fleet clients from the installation of their first chargers through the installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure,” stated David Aspinwall, President, Heliox North America. “The Mobility House’s integration with Heliox will increase Heliox’s charge management options, potentially lowering clients’ energy expenditures as well as the overall cost of ownership of their fleets.”

Heliox is the world’s leading manufacturer of fast charging solutions for public transportation, e-trucks, maritime, mining, and port equipment. In the United States, the firm provides a range of chargers for the local market, ranging from 25kW transportable units to 450kW en-route charging. All items manufactured in the United States are UL certified and adhere to the Buy America Act.

The Mobility House’s ChargePilot, which is designed to be hardware-agnostic and connect with a variety of charging sources, has successfully managed hundreds of global projects, including one of the largest U.S. electric fleets and the entire Austrian Postal Service fleet. The Mobility House also enables vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration with ChargePilot, a technology that has previously been deployed in Europe and Southeast Asia to decrease the pressure of electric car charging on the electrical grid and allow grid stabilizing services.

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“A global effort is underway to create a cleaner, emissions-free environment. We are on a path to transforming the transportation sector not just in Europe but across the United States, thanks to Heliox and The Mobility House’s combined experience and commitment to technological breakthroughs “Gregor Hintler, Managing Director of The Mobility House in the United States, stated.

The Mobility House with Heliox powerful smart charging technology has also been successfully installed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Avinor Airport in Oslo, and Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH, Europe’s biggest electric fleet of over 100 buses.

Heliox Facts

Heliox is the industry leader in fast charging systems for public transportation, e-trucks, maritime, mining, and port equipment, having been founded in 2009. Operators can increase their performance while reducing their environmental effect thanks to the high-quality and efficient chargers. Heliox provides fast charging for Volvo, Transdev-Connexxion, and Arriva electric buses, as well as MAN trucks.

In 2017, the company opened one of Europe’s first and largest rapid charging networks for the e-bus fleet in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; in 2018, the company opened the world’s largest rapid charging network for e-bus depot at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam; and most recently, the company announced a new e-bus project in Montgomery County, Maryland, which will launch in Spring 2022. Heliox is headquartered in the Netherlands and the United States and operates internationally. Visit for more information about Heliox.

The Mobility House’s Background

The Mobility House’s aim is to build an energy and mobility future that is free of pollution. Since 2009, the firm has built a large partner ecosystem to intelligently integrate electric vehicles into the power grid, which includes electric vehicle charger manufacturers, 750+ installation companies, 65+ energy providers, and automakers ranging from Audi to Tesla. Customers and partners may connect electric cars into the grid for efficient and future-proof operations using the sophisticated Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot and the underlying EV Aggregation Platform. Over 500 business installations across the world have benefited from The Mobility House’s unique vendor-neutral and interoperable technological approach to smart charging and energy management. The Mobility House employs over 160 people in its Munich, Zurich, and Belmont, California offices. Visit for more details.

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