RWE has given the go-ahead for its 17th Spanish wind farm

RWE is spending over €40 million in its new Rea Unificado wind farm in northeastern Spain. The 43 MW wind farm will be developed near Soria, around 160 kilometers east of Saragossa. The nine Nordex wind turbines will be installed beginning in Spring 2022, with the wind farm expected to be operational by the end of that year.

The business is constructing nine turbines with nominal capacities of 4.8 MW apiece, which will be by far the highest in size and capacity in its Spanish fleet. When fully operational, Rea Unificado will be able to deliver carbon-neutral power to 30 000 residences. Furthermore, existing infrastructure will be efficiently utilized by linking the wind farm to a neighboring substation.

Energizing Spain’s push towards climate neutrality

Spain is well-positioned to grow wind and solar generating plants due to its geographical location, appealing external circumstances, and aggressive climate ambitions. According to the national energy and climate strategy, the country will have 157 GW of generation capacity added by 2030, with 50 GW coming only from wind power. RWE already runs onshore wind farms with a total capacity of 440 MW in Spain, as well as other smaller hydroelectric power stations, as one of the world’s leaders in the renewables field. Furthermore, the firm is now developing two additional solar farms with a combined capacity of 88 MW. RWE completed the Alarcos ground-mounted solar power station with a capacity of 45 MW last year. In addition, the business is interested near a photovoltaic facility in Toledo and the Andasol 3 solar-thermal power plant.

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The energy company is currently building onshore wind farms in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany. RWE plans to increase installed onshore wind and solar capacity from seven to twenty gigatonnes (GW) by 2030.

RWE Renewables’ Katja Wünschel, designated CEO Wind Onshore and PV Europe & Australia: “Work on our 17th wind farm in Spain may begin.” It is scheduled to begin operations by the end of this year, after which it will be able to offer green power to the equivalent of 30 000 houses. Rea Unificado is the most recent addition to our ambitious investment and growth agenda, ‘Growing Green.’ We are also assisting Spain in its energy transition and contributing to the improvement of the Spanish economy as a result of this.”