Renewable energy expansion is a priority for the German coalition

A collaboration led by the Social Democrats intends to boost offshore wind capacity by a “significant” amount

The incoming German administration intends to invest heavily in renewable energy.

In a draft administration agreement, the alliance of Social Democrats, Greens, and Free Democrats detailed their objectives.

Onshore wind generation will be allocated 2% of the land area, according to the strategy.

“We want to make sure that municipalities in their region get the financial benefits of wind turbines and larger open-space solar systems,” it continued.

Meanwhile, the parties have said that they “will considerably enhance offshore wind energy capacity.”

The partners also seek to expedite the transition away from coal power by eight years, to 2030.

Olaf Scholz of the SPD, who is generally anticipated to become the coalition’s new chancellor, said the measures will result in “perhaps Germany’s largest industrial modernization in over a century.”

It is thought that it will require the agreement of party members before further in-depth coalition negotiations can begin.

Since the election last month, the parties have been considering forming a partnership.

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