Nissan intends to expand its solar farm near Sunderland

A total of 37,000 panels have been applied for, which is enough to produce every single zero-emission Leaf sold in Europe

Engenera Renewables, a solar installer, has filed proposals to Nissan’s Sunderland facility in north-east England to extend the solar system.

If approved, the proposal for another 37,000 solar panels will help Nissan go closer to its goal of becoming a carbon-neutral firm by 2050.

In effect, this is enough to construct every single zero-emission Nissan Leaf sold in Europe – a significant step toward the company’s goal of electrifying all of its vehicles by 2030.

The extended solar array would be operated by Engenera Renewables for 40 years, after which the facility would be decommissioned and returned to its previous state.

Approval of the proposals would also trigger a second phase of Nissan’s decarbonisation efforts, which would include solar car ports, EV charging stations, and a variety of renewable heat solutions, all of which would be provided by Engenera.

Engenera is one of the few renewable energy providers in the UK that may offer clients who sign power purchase agreements renewable energy installations with no upfront costs (PPAs).

This is due to the fact that it has access to a £100 million green bond program backed by several PPAs negotiated by Engenera.

“The projected extension of the Nissan Solar farm site is tremendously exciting for both Nissan and the greater economy of the North East,” said Engenera chief strategy officer Lloyd Lawson.

“Projects like this one at Nissan’s Sunderland manufacturing facility guarantee that we can remain at the forefront of renewable technology and production, and lead the way when it comes to carbon neutrality and adopting strategies that prioritize the environment.”

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