Iberdrola: Spain’s most powerful wind turbines

Iberdrola has started work on the 15-megawatt El Puntal II wind farm near Malaga, which will feature the company’s largest and most powerful wind turbines in the country.

This is the company’s first wind power project in Andalusia in this current investment cycle.

The Prop II will be made up of three wind turbines with 145 meter rotor blades and a total height of 163.5 meters from the tip of the blade to the ground, similar to the Iberdrola Tower in Bilbao.

The new facility is part of a wind complex that contains three wind farms with a combined capacity of 79 MW, located between the provinces of Malaga and Seville. The other two plants will be built near El Puntal II in the province of Seville: Martn de la Jara (36 MW), which will start construction soon, and San Cristóbal (28 MW), which is awaiting administrative approval.

The wind farm’s key components – the towers, nacelles, transformers, and generator – are all made in the United States. In addition, a hundred jobs will be created at the building site.

El Puntal II will prevent the release of 6,000 tons of CO2 into the environment and provide clean energy to around 12,500 houses once it is operational.

As a result, Iberdrola continues to pursue its renewables investment plans in order to support the energy transition and, with it, the revival of the economy and jobs.

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