‘Germany is Europe’s most appealing cleantech market.’

A study by EY examines foreign direct investment across the area

According to EY study, Germany was the most attractive nation for clean technology in Europe last year, with the UK coming in second.

According to an EY research, Germany accounted for 19.4 percent of all cleantech FDI in Europe, or 67 projects.

In 2020, the UK attracted 59 cleantech initiatives, accounting for 17.1% of all cleantech projects in Europe.
Cleantech initiatives accounted for 6.1 percent of all UK FDI-supported projects in 2020, matching the European ratio of 6.2 percent – 346 out of a total of 5578 cleantech projects.

Cleantech initiatives were defined as investments in energy transition, biodiversity, sustainability, or the pursuit of Net Zero objectives, such as wind turbine manufacturing, electric car charging point rollouts, or the growth of green-focused businesses.

In 2020, London and Scotland were the two most important destinations in the UK for FDI-backed cleantech initiatives, each getting 11 projects.

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