EEW has grown to become Sweden’s largest solar PV developer

EEW, a developer of utility-scale Solar energy projects, has stated that it now has 290 MW of solar power projects in advanced development in Sweden, making it the country’s largest solar power developer.

In addition to the 290 MW (seven sites) in the advanced stage from its well-established fourteen site project pipeline of 485 MW in Sweden, it has 55 MW at the mid-stage and 145 MW at the early stage.

The seven advanced-stage sites are focused in southern Sweden, which is now facing record high electricity costs and had disruptions in Stockholm and adjacent suburbs this summer, leaving 48,000 people without power. As a result, EEW’s projects are positioned to deliver a significant boost to the energy network in the correct places, assisting in addressing these difficulties while also assisting Sweden in meeting its 2045 net zero objective.

While there is growing interest in the creation of major solar power parks in Sweden, the sector is still new and offers a tempting potential for establishing utility size solar PV projects. Sweden’s solar capacity is predicted to triple by 2030, reaching 3.5 GW installed capacity.

“Sweden is on the verge of a significant increase in renewable power as it strives to meet its 2045 net zero aim and alleviate the power shortages presently affecting the country’s south,” said Svante Kumlin, Chief Executive of EEW. “With a 13-year track record of successful solar power project development and 14 secured project sites in Sweden, we are well positioned to lead this expansion.” We look forward to advancing these projects to the Ready To Build stage and will continue to hunt for new locations in Sweden to supplement our worldwide 7.4GW project development pipeline.”

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EEW’s Project Developer for Sweden, Mutaz Alkiswani, added that the company has worked hard to develop this extensive development pipeline in accordance with the upcoming Swedish development model and with a strong focus on ensuring that the projects can coexist with the environment, particularly the region’s highly productive farming lands.