AES introduces a new solar installation robot that transports and positions panels

Atlas, a revolutionary first-of-its-kind solar installation robot, was launched today by AES Corporation. Atlas offers a significant improvement in solar energy technology, making new solar installations faster, more efficient, and safer to build. Atlas was created by AES during the course of a multi-year invention process in collaboration with Calvary Robotics and other third parties.

Atlas facilitates the quick deployment of additional solar resources at scale to assist in meeting the need for cleaner energy.

“Stakeholder commitment to a net-zero carbon energy future has never been stronger, but our sector risks falling short if we continue to deploy clean energy at the current rate,” said Chris Shelton, AES senior vice president and chief product officer. “The first-of-its-kind AI-enabled Atlas robot automates the building of additional solar resources, allowing for a safer work environment, faster project schedules, and reduced total energy prices.”

Atlas will be used by AES teams to build new solar projects as a next-generation tool. Atlas will supplement the AES experienced labor by keeping them safe and executing heavy lifting, module placement, and attachment, while also creating new high-tech employment.

“We’re pleased of the work we’ve been able to undertake with AES on Atlas at our Webster, New York offices.” Calvary Robotics’ VP for robotics and technology, Michael Marseglia, stated, “Calvary is focused on exploiting our experience in advanced manufacturing to suit client demands.” “In order to realize this goal, we must rely on our most precious asset, our brilliant people working together.” We try to foster an atmosphere that provides enough opportunities for learning, progress, and personal fulfillment.”

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