A new CEO has been appointed by AWS and EWE

Frank May has been named managing director of Aloys Wobben Stiftung (AWS) and EWE’s joint venture Alterric.

May will start working for the onshore wind experts with headquarters in Aurich and offices in Germany and France on April 1, 2022.

The 55-year-old is presently the managing director and chief executive for Western Germany at Actemium, a subsidiary of VINCI’s worldwide concessions, construction, and energy firm.

“Alterric is a very interesting company with ambitious owners and people with many years of expertise who have made the firm a market leader among green energy producers in Germany,” May added.

“As a result, the position of managing director appeals to me enormously, and I am excited to join Alterric and work with the team to chart its future direction.”

May has a wealth of expertise in the energy business and industrial plant engineering.

He received his ‘Diplom-Ingenieur’ in Mechanical Engineering from RWTH Aachen and his PhD from Bochum and Turku (Finland).

Throughout his professional career, he has gained extensive expertise in business management, strategic growth of enterprises in the energy industry, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as assisting the cultural components of these transition processes.

Dr Frank May served as managing director/board member at Vattenfall for numerous years, where he was responsible for disposal, district heating, decentralized solutions, and renewable energy generation on a national and international scale.

Stefan Dohler, chairman of EWE, stated: “We are delighted to have Dr Frank May on board as CEO, who will collaborate with our highly driven professionals to further develop Alterric.

“The position entails bringing the young firm together as a team to accomplish our ambitious investment plans with the public, government, and society, therefore making a significant contribution to a climate-neutral future in Germany and Europe.

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“We are dedicated to this route together, and we wish him the best of luck.”

Heiko Janssen, chairman of AWS, added: “Dr. Frank May is a perfect match for Alterric due to his professional expertise in the energy business and plant engineering, as well as his vast experience as a manager, including company integration and the accompanying transformation processes.

“He is accustomed to keeping track of all stages of the value-added chain and to creating international markets, some of which Alterric intends to expand into.

“At the same time, his origins, like ours, are in northern Germany. I wish him the best of luck.”